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Boaz Peled

Founder & CEO

FIRST AIRBRONE (FAB), was created by wind power developers and robotics specialists. The design and technology were top down driven in that we saw value to wind power operators, concluded what could be the appropriate price tag and mode of operation,  and that in large part defined the boundaries and challenges for development.

The premise was quite straight forward: wind power is money made of AIR FLOW, by huge unmanned and remotely located structures which battle the elements day in and day out. It follows that currently untapped AERIAL DATA with significant operational, maintenance and management impact, exists throughout wind farms. And it is only natural then, that an unmanned AIRBORNE PLATFORM could contribute significant value by collecting and analyzing that data.


Our PERFORMANCE service, enabled by our patented Windborne sensor is one such example in which we answer a very straight forward question which is a given in other generation technologies: WHAT IS THE ENERGETIC VALUE IN THE RAW MATERIAL HARVESTED BY WIND TURBINES?

The answer to this question opens up a world of wind turbine tuning and optimization opportunities leading to grand scale income recovery and OPEX optimization. This is not a new question, attempts to answer it have been abundant since the dawn of modern wind power. But the INTRODUCTION of unmanned AIRBORNE systems which can be positioned anywhere, at almost anytime within the relevant range will likely transform the operations of wind farms and other infrastructure as they move away from labor intensive, expensive, and at times unsafe stationary technologies and processes.

FAB’s Resident Airborne Services [RAS] Platform is a robust and sophisticated deep-tech system, designed to reside and operate in harsh environments on and offshore, ensure safety and accuracy and provide seamless access to transformational data. But perhaps the most important feature is that it was designed strictly as a SERVICE. Customers are entirely hardware agnostic. The less customers think about the technology and the more they benefit from its information flows, the closer we come to where we set off to be.

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