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Open Positions

Head of Regulation



The Head of Regulation reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for actively advancing and managing the company’s regulatory objectives. He or she will be working with civil aviation regulators and consultants and will liaise internally with the company’s Product and R&D divisions. The selected candidate will reside in Israel or in an EU country.




  1. Experience and background in drone and civil aviation regulation.

  2. Excellent presentation and communication skills.

  3. Excellent spoken and written English.

  4. Proficiency in French and other EU languages is a major advantage.

  5. Experience in technical writing is a major advantage.

  6. Independence, creativity, ambition are a must.

Based in Israel or an EU country

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer (CMSO)

Resident Airborne Services (RAS) empowers operators and experts to inspect and monitor their assets on demand, irrespective of their location, scheduled or in real time, as often as needed, and without spending an additional penny per mission. As a simple example, a blade inspection will currently involve, tenders, qualifications, travel, fuel, accommodation, contractors, climbers, safety hazard, employee overhead and turbine downtime. With First Airborne’s RAS, all it requires is to press “Launch Blade Inspection for WTG#25” - and sit back until the report is automatically generated post mission. And repeat as needed.



The CMSO is a central member of the company’s leadership team and  reports directly to the CEO. He or she is responsible for actively advancing the company’s commercial targets within the wind power markets and beyond. The selected candidate will have significant business experience and an established network within the European wind power industry with a focus on large utilities, operators and maintenance groups. The CMSO will lead the company’s marketing and sales activities and work closely with the R&D and operations divisions.



  1. Experience and proven accomplishments in sales, marketing and BD within the wind power industry

  2. Familiarity with wind power operations and maintenance considerations

  3. Excellent presentation and communication skills

  4. Excellent spoken and written English

  5. Proficiency in French and other EU languages is a major advantage

  6. Independence, creativity and ambition are an absolute MUST